Social Sciences CBSE Class 10 Geography Agriculture HOTS

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Social Sciences CBSE Class 10 Geography Agriculture HOTS

Q.1. Study the given data carefully and answer the following questions :
Table : INDIA : Growth of GDP and major sectors in (%).
(i) What was the growth rate of India’s GDP in 11th Five Year Plan ?
Ans. Growth rate in 2007-12 = 9.
(ii) What was the growth rate in agriculture in the 11th Plan, i.e., 2007-12 ?
Ans. About four per cent.
(iii) Mention any factor responsible for the low growth rate of the per cent agricultural sector.
Ans. (a) The government has reduced the public investment in the agriculture sector, particularly in irrigation, power, rural roads, market and mechanisation.
(b) Subsidy on fertilizers and the inputs has been decreased leading to increase in the cost of production.

Q.2. Study the feature and identify the crop.
(i) (a) It is the staple food crop of a majority of the people of India.
(b) It is grown in North and North-Eastern India.
(ii) (a) It is used both as food and fodder, (b) It is a kharif crop.
(iii) (a) It is a fibre crop.
(b) It grows well on well drained fertile soils in the flood plains.
Ans. (i) Rice (ii) Maize (iii) Jute

Q.3. (i) Mention the climatic conditions required for the growth of Bajra.
(ii) Mention any four states which are the main producers of this crop.
Ans. Climatic conditions required for the growth of Bajra :
(i) It grows well on sandy soils and shallow black soil.
(ii) It needs dry climatic conditions. Producers : Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Haryana.

Q.4. Compare the cropping seasons of India.

Q.5. Give an account of oil-seeds in India. State the importance of groundnut and name the states where it is grown. [CBSE 2013]
Ans. (1) (i) India is the largest producer of oil-seeds in the world.
(ii) Different types of oil-seeds are grown covering approximately 12 per cent of the total cropped area of India.
(iii) India is an important producer of groundnut, mustard, coconut, sesamum, soyabean, castor seeds, cotton seeds, linseed and sunflower.
(iv) Most of these are edible and used as cooking medium and some of these are also used as raw materials in the production of soap, cosmetics and ointments.
(2) (i) Groundnut is a kharif crop and accounts for about half of the major oilseeds produced in the country.
(ii) Andhra Pradesh, is the largest producer of groundnut. It is also grown in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Q.6. Study the given diagram and answer the questions given below : –
(i) Which crop is used for making the goods listed in the diagram ?
(ii) Which types of goods occupy the highest percentage ?
(iii) Mention any one climatic condition required for the growth of this crop.
(iv) Name any two major producing states of this crop. [CBSE 2010]
Ans. (i) Rubber.
(ii) Auto tyres and tubes (62.2%).
(iii) (a) It is grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas.
(b) It requires moist and humid climate with rainfall of more than 200 cm.
(c) Temperature above 25°C.
(iv) Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

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