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Our online grammar checker allows you to grab all the grammatical mistakes in your content in no time. This facility will enable you to ensure that your article is free from any faults and it’s completely ready to share with your colleagues, teachers, or supervisors. All the processing will be completed in a matter of seconds, and you will get reliable results without making any effort at all. Furthermore, there is no need to proofread your content yourself, as our sentence checker is here to help you out.


You won’t face any intricacies in detecting any error in your content. Our online tool is here to provide you with the easiest way of finding mistakes in your writing. The following super-easy steps allow you to get assistance from this grammar corrector.

  • Firstly, paste your content into the textbox. Also, you can upload the file from your computer or cloud storage.
  • Click on the “Grammar Check” button to initiate the process.
  • Boom! You will get the desired results on your screen right away.


The highly useful essay checker is capable of helping you in various ways besides finding grammar mistakes. The primary reasons to prefer this online facility are mentioned below.

Check Grammar Faults

People who are a novice in English writing usually need some assistance in order to create inspiring content. The unfamiliarity with English grammar may lead them to make some mistakes. An individual needs to find and remove these errors in your content to receive appreciation from your readers. Our utility will cover this need and assist you to correct the grammar flaws of articles.

Knockout Spell Mistakes

Making spelling blunders while writing is something common. Unfamiliarity with the accurate spelling of a word or less attention is the main cause for making fallacy writing. But, you don’t need to get worried, as our utility is perfect for spelling and grammar checks at once. It highlights all the words so it’s the best way to avoid spelling errors in a fraction of a second.

Correct Punctuations

A punctuation check is one of the most crucial elements that uplift the readability of a reader and let him/her understand the content appropriately. On the other hand, missing punctuation is a serious issue that can change the concept of the text or make it ambiguous for the readers. Therefore, a writer needs to keep an eye on the punctuation marks. Our punctuation checker can find any wrong usage of semicolons, or commas in the content and help you to get rid of them instantaneously.


Submission of assignments, thesis, and reports is an important part of academics. The professor never accepts writing that is copied or has errors in sentence structure because it kills their creativity. Moreover, the content with silly faults can affect the overall score of a student in a subject. That’s why it is inevitable for students to give their 100% on grammar correction and ensure that content is free from all mistakes to get a higher grade in the subject. Our sentence checker will be a helping hand in making your sentences grammatically correct and finding bugs in writing.


Multiple Correction Per Error

Detection of grammatical mistakes isn’t enough until you are not given a suggestion to overcome these problems. Fortunately, you will get multiple corrections against each error which gives you the freedom to select the one that can serve the best with our advanced English grammar checker.

Enhance Text Readability

The grammar mistakes will affect the content’s quality and give a false impression to the readers. Moreover, the text with syntax errors interrupts the readers’ attentiveness as they find it annoying and disturbing. However, the utilization of a grammar check online tool helps find the mistakes in a text and provides you with the best possible corrections. It will enhance your content readability or you can also shuffle words with better synonyms to make it more unique.

Correct Sentences in +20 Languages

This utility offers you to correct the sentence in more than 20 languages. YES, you hear it right. Our online grammar checker can grab errors in languages other than English in a matter of seconds, including French, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, etc.

Free Online Utility

Don’t you have enough budget to purchase a premium, online proofreader? Our facility doesn’t need any subscription to use our services. You can correct sentences unlimited times without paying a single penny to anyone.

Installation-Free Version

Unlike most online facilities, our tool doesn’t require any installation at all. You don’t have to download any special program on your device to find the mistakes in an article anymore. Our spell and grammar check-free online facility is available 24/7 to assist you in grabbing errors in your text. Only a strong connection to the internet is required for using this free utility.

Secure Text by HTTP Protocol

The HTTPS protocol of our professional grammar checker ensures that all the text you upload on this tool will be protected and secure from any intrusion. The secure version of the protocol defines that the communication between a browser and a site is encrypted, and no third party can get access to the information in any case.

Briefly Explain Grammatical Faults

Many online English checker tools highlight the faults in textual content without explaining the actual faults that may raise many queries in your mind, and you couldn’t understand what is actually wrong with it. However, our utility not only checks grammar mistakes but also explains them for your better understanding.


Writers are expected to deliver high-quality and inspiring content that should be free from all errors. Writers from all over the planet appreciate the grammar checker online utility available on our platform and prefer it to confirm the quality of their articles. People from all fields of life are getting an advantage from our utility, but writers are the biggest beneficiaries.


I’m a content writer searching for a free service that could help me to notice every minor error that I might overlook. Finally, I have found a grammar checker that is capable of fulfilling my requirements.

Nicole, Content Writer

This online paragraph checker is a real blessing for me. Now, I don’t need to proofread all the files myself, as I have got something that can analyze all the content on my behalf and detect grammatical errors in no time.

Sara, Journalist

I always have a query while writing, is this sentence grammatically correct or not? But now the problem is resolved because this free grammar checker helped me a lot in polishing my writing skills.

Chris, Student

Correction of sentences one by one is a difficult task, that’s why I highly recommend this tool to all those who want error-free writing without wasting any money.

Kelly, Technical Writer


Subject-Verb Agreement

The inappropriate use of verb form is a common problem that novice English learners make. If you don’t include the appropriate verb form in your sentence, then it will cause an error. Verb form will be different in sentences where the subject is a noun or subject and verbs are separated by a relative clause. Our grammar checker-free online tool is advanced enough to find all the subject-verb agreement mistakes in the blink of an eye.

Active/Passive Voice Problem

English is a bit of a tricky language that sometimes becomes complex for a beginner to learn. Active and passive voice are two major tones of the English language. The active voice focuses on a person who performs an action. Oppositely, the passive voice puts emphasis on the receiver of the action or the action itself. The inadequate usage of active/passive voice leads writers to make a mistake. Our grammar checker online free tool easily finds out the active/passive problems and suggests to you the possible ways to get rid of them.

Error in Grammar Articles

Articles are the modifiers that are placed before a noun or phrase. The primary purpose of articles is to clarify the meaning of a text. Making mistakes in using the proper articles is common in writing. But, you don’t need to waste your time analyzing all the text yourself in order to find the errors in the usage of articles as our free grammar checker is here to help you in this regard without requiring any effort from you.

Silly Words Usage

The right selection of the words is a crucial aspect that plays a critical role in uplifting the quality of content. Writers who use inappropriate or ambiguous words in the article mostly fail to inspire the readers. Moreover, these silly words sometimes don’t match the structure of the sentence and create a grammatical mistake. The essay checker offered by is smart enough to capture all irrelevant words in the content in a matter of seconds.

Wrong Apostrophes

Homonyms are one of the most used words that include wrong apostrophes. Words that sound similar may have completely different meanings, and using them in the wrong context can alter the meaning of the entire text. “Your information isn’t correct.” Here, the use of the apostrophe is wrong. The correct version would be “Your information isn’t correct.” Our grammar check online utility grabs all wrong apostrophe errors in a lengthy text instantly, which allows you to make them correct easily.


Can I Check my Grammar and Spell Blunders at Once?

Of course! Our free online grammar checker scans all your text and highlights grammatical and spelling mistakes in a fraction of seconds.

What is a Run-on Sentence Error in English Writing?

The writing errors caused by the use of inappropriate punctuation is known as run-on sentence error. For example, if you insert a comma at the end of a sentence instead of a full stop, and start writing the next sentence, then it will cause a run-on sentence error.

How Do I Know “Is This Sentence Correct or Incorrect”?

You can simply paste the text on our grammar checker to find if it includes any sort of mistake. For instance, if you write “We was going to London” and paste it on our facility, then it will highlight “was” as an error and suggest you make it “were,” so it will become “we were going to London.” So, this is the best tool for text correction.

Is there a Free Tool like Grammarly to Proofread Texts?

Yes! This sentence structure checker utility is completely free to use and doesn’t require any premium membership or installation. You can use this facility to proofread as many textual files as you desire without facing any limitations.

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