CBSE Class 10 Social Sciences Civics Power Sharing VBQ

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CBSE Class 10 Social Sciences Civics Power Sharing VBQ

Q.1. Which values you have learnt from the principle of power sharing ?
Ans. (i) Power sharing reduces the possibility of conflict between social groups and brings peace in the society.
(ii) Power sharing is the basic spirit of democracy.
(iii) Reservation of seats for women under power sharing leads to women empowerment.

Q.2. ‘Principle of majoritarianism is against the human values.’ Justify.
Ans. (i) It increases the feeling of alienation among the people of minority group.
(ii) It can lead to a conflict in the society, e.g., Sri Lankan Civil War.
(iii) It is against the principle of power sharing.

Q.3. Give three examples of power sharing in India. Also mention the social/moral value it strengthens.
Ans. (i) Reservation of seats for SC and ST in Lok Sabha : This provides equal opportunity even to depressed classes.
(ii) Reservation of seats for women in local government : This leads to women empowerment.
(iii) Division of legislative powers : The Constitution of India provides a three fold distribution of” legislative powers between
the Union and the state govemments. It strengthens the spirit of democracy.

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